OG Bachelor Tim Robards Discusses The Perils Of Dating On National TV

And how to find love.

OG Bachelor Tim Robards Discusses The Perils Of Dating On National TV @timrobards Instagram

Tim Robards has come a long way since he became Australia's first Bachelor back in 2013. 

Not only did he find love on the popular reality TV series, he's married to the woman he chose and now, has scored himself a role on the iconic Aussie soap opera, Neighbours!

Now, after we watched the disastrous ending to this year's Bachelor and discovered the... unique crop of men vying for Ali Oetjen's heart on The Bachelorette, Grant and Ed just HAD to ask Tim what dating on national TV is really like and how much pressure there really is on the Bachie men and women. 

After praising Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins for his honesty, Tim told the 2DayFM Breakfast team that he was lucky because he was the very first Bachelor, but Australia has become so invested in the series that it does make things more difficult for those looking for love on the show now.

"I guess he didn't expect that so many people would be invested in this process. If it was not a TV show and you were just dating someone and you get to a point where you're like, 'hey, I don't think it's going anywhere', no one knows any different.

"But when it's on national TV, then you get hammered!"

He also told us the secret to finding love in your 30's and if you're currently looking for love, Tim's tips might help you out:

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