Is This Australia’s Biggest Backstreet Boys Fan?

This tattoo may confirm yes

Is This Australia’s Biggest Backstreet Boys Fan?

In case you just missed our epic announcement… the iconic boy band The Backstreet Boys, will be hitting our World Famous Rooftop live in Vegas!

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Naturally when the news broke, we all LOST IT with excitement… but we may have already found Australia’s biggest Backstreet Boys fans.

Cindy from Campbelltown called Em, Grant & Ed this morning as soon as we announced the World Famous Rooftop and she has some clear evidence that she is one if their biggest fans

Cindy has Nick Carter’s signature on her back. Yes, his signature!

And she also has another tattoo on her arm of their lyrics, “My heart, my soul, my everything” from their song ‘Yes, I Will’.

Take a listen to her story! 

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