How To Help Your Kids' Anxiety During The HSC

How to help them.

How To Help Your Kids' Anxiety During The HSC

The HSC exam is an extremely tough time for high school students as there is an extreme pressure placed upon them.

Students are told to do well otherwise their future could be jeopardised and they may not be able to pursue the career that they've chosen.

Many students suffer from anxiety and depression whilst doing their HSC exams, so Grant and Ed spoke to our friend Gus Worland, who works in the men's mental health sector and for the charity Gotcha For Life, about how we can ease the pressure off of our kids.

Gus explained that children put pressure on themselves to do well during the HSC exams and sometimes, parents and teachers will put the pressure on because it's simply how they were taught. He also said that he used to put the pressure on his kids during exams before he realised how he was just making them feel a lot worse.

After seeing his son struggle with stress and anxiety during exams, Gus decided to make some changes and now, his son is a lot happier:

"I've just taken the pressure off him and I realised that as long as he's happy, even if I look at things and go 'gee, I wish he was working a bit harder', or, 'I wish he wasn't bumbling along so much'."

Gus said that not everyone breezed through their HSC and he even said that he "bumbled" his way through the exams and still turned out okay.

Listen to the audio below to find out Gus' number one tip for helping your kids get through the tough HSC exams without feeling anxious and under immense pressure:

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