Here Are Sydney’s Ultimate First Date Disasters

He took her WHERE??!!

Here Are Sydney’s Ultimate First Date Disasters Paramount Pictures


Tbh, we don’t think there is anyone out there who actually enjoys going on a first date…

Face it, they are super awkward, you literally have nothing to talk about so you just keep rambling on and on and on about the weather and the “did you see this meme” and then you are fighting with the thoughts in your head of, “DO WE KISS?”, “DO I JUST LEAVE?”, “DID I BRUSH MY TEETH ENOUGH?” and then before you know it, you are back home alone and texting your group chat with all the “Ahdwwqkirdwugd help!”

Thankfully, we aren’t alone, because it turns out most of Sydney have had similar dates.

Here are some of the best callers Em, Grant & Ed got this morning after we asked if you had any bad first date experiences.

Hopefully this will make you all feel a little bit better.

One couple decided to head on down to Milky Lane in Bondi for their first date and tbh, it was one for the books.

One thing lead to another and they finished their meal in 30 minutes… the guy then went to grab some money from the ATM to pay and well… he never returned.

Listen to the whole story below.

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