Harley Breen Told Us All About His New TV Show

And there's QUITE a twist!

Harley Breen Told Us All About His New TV Show Channel 10 - Taboo

We had a special guest in the studio this morning for 2DayFm Breakfast, with Ed joined by Harley Breen.

"I'm like Grant Denyer, but very different," Harley said.

Speaking of Grant, we realised that one thing that these two top blokes have in common is that they both have shows on Channel 10.

Harley spoke about his show Taboo, which has just been picked up by the network.


"It was a very simple idea - that I go away on holiday with a marginalised minority group. We'd just have a holiday and that's fun."

"Then I spend a week writing stand-up comedy about that marginalised group..."

Listen to the full clip below.

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