Grant Denyer Forced To Apologize After Big TV Error


Grant Denyer Forced To Apologize After Big TV Error

Our very own Grant Denyer is making headlines today, however it's for a rather...unusual...reason.

In a TV ad filmed by 2DayFM Breakfast, Grant has been spotted readjusting his junk.

During the ad.

“I looked up and our ad was on the tele and I noticed right in the middle of the ad I do a rather large groin readjustment,” Grant said.

“Like a full ‘pick up the package and shift it to the other side of the body’ whilst we’re talking in the ad."

It turns out that this is not Grant's first 'groin incident' on TV...

“Someone told me that I must have some sort of concentration tick where I’m thinking and my hands tapping away," he said.

“So you’ve been pulled up whilst filming Family Feud for tapping your wang?” Em asked.

“Yep. So I had a process that when we would start the game I would go around behind the podium where people would hit the buzzers, I would get the adjustment done out of the way with the cover of the podium,” Grant said.

Well then...

Missed Em, Grant and Ed this morning? Catch up here (and you'll find all the groin chat at roughly the 55min mark)