We Just Reunited Two Best Friends From Different Countries, So Get The Tissues Ready

Meet Kitty and Rihanna!

We Just Reunited Two Best Friends From Different Countries, So Get The Tissues Ready

When your best friends move overseas, it can be amazing and devastating at the same time.

Yes, it's great that they'll be able to experience new cultures, however, you're still losing a brunch buddy and confidant.

If you've got a lot of spare cash, you could also go and visit them in their new home, but unfortunately, it can be hard to gather up the funds for an overseas holiday...

Best friends Kitty and Rihana know this too well.

Kitty lives in Eastlakes and Rhiana, live in New Zealand with her fiancé Ray.

They haven't seen each other in a LONG time because, well, life has gotten in the way.

"We both have had kids and life hurdles along the way but always been there for each other, always been a FaceTime call away!"

These two have been best friends for 14 years and Kitty says that she can rely on Rhiana for anything.

"It is a special friendship because no matter where we are, we always come back to each other and she's the one person that has stayed loyal and true throughout the years regardless if it's face to face or FaceTime, I know I can always rely on her that should be there for me."

Although they chat as often as they can, Kitty and Rhiana haven't seen each other in person for 8 years!

So, 2dayFM Breakfast's Em, Grant and Ed decided that it was about time these friends got to see each other again, so we reunited them on air:

Not only did we reunite these friends on air, we also decided to send them on a trip to the Gold Coast to catch up over fancy dinners, go dancing and try on wedding dresses at Grace Loves Lace, the store Rhiana wanted to explore before she gets married next year!

Excuse us, we're going to need more tissues...

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