Get Ready For The Em Rusciano Radio Show With Harley Breen

It all starts Jan 23!

Get Ready For The Em Rusciano Radio Show With Harley Breen

Em Rusciano and Harley Breen will be waking up Sydney in 2017!

You got a taste of Em and Harley during their summer breakfast show, and now you’ll get to listen to them every morning on 2Day FM breakfast.

Em said, “I’m excitified at the thought of hosting breakfast radio in Sydney, that’s a combination of my two resting states: excited and terrified. I love radio, I’ve been in and out and in and out again for 12 years! I'm like the herpes of radio… wait, I probably don’t want those words near my name for all of time do I? This job is the holy grail, the philosopher’s stone- the one ring of Mordor! I'm bringing along one of my favourite comics and humans: Harley Breen and together we hope to excitify Sydney!”

Em added, “Please note that I included a fusion word in my press release statement and three pop culture references. If that and the icy cold cans of Coke I drive around handing out to random people, for no reason, doesn’t convince you I’m qualified for this job: then I give up! Hear you soon Sydney pals!"

The Em Rusciano Radio Show with Harley Breen starts 6am January 23rd on 2Day FM.

Check out what Em and Harley got up to over summer:

Em lost it when she met her idol John Farnham!

There was a heated discussion over a woman and her wild kids in the supermarket. 

Em hit back at a tabloid and told them what she really thought.