Woman Backflips Up The Australian Ninja Warrior Warped Wall, Makes History

What a trooper!

Woman Backflips Up The Australian Ninja Warrior Warped Wall, Makes History Channel Nine

Australian Ninja Warrior returned to our TV screens last night and we knew that we were in for a good show, but we didn't anticipate that this episode would make history!

Olivia Vivian, a former Olympic gymnast, has become the first woman to ever backflip up the Ninja Warrior Warped Wall!

The 28-year-old nailed the first leg of the course and did it with a lot of flair...


But as soon as she got to the Warped Wall, she had a small test run before climbing the wall, gripping the top, flipping herself around so that her back was against the wall and pulled her body up and over the edge.



Whilst speaking to news.com.au after completing the course, Olivia said that she had been working on the move for quite a while.

"There’s an American Ninja Warrior called Jake Murray, he’s done the backflip and I thought to myself, I want to be the first girl to do a backflip up the wall.

"Once I could consistently make it up the wall in training, I had a crack at the backflip. It’s the most scary, unnatural movement.

"I felt the pressure of a whole year on my shoulders and I knew the Warped Wall was waiting for me. I was more nervous walking up to that starting podium than I was in the 2008 Olympic Games."

Olivia is now one of only two women to make it up the Warped Wall on Australian Ninja Warrior and she will now advance to the semi-finals.

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