Why Matty J Owes Michelle & The Other Bachelor Girls A Big Apology

"(Matty J) did the jerk move"

Why Matty J Owes Michelle & The Other Bachelor Girls A Big Apology Network Ten

Like always, this season of The Bachelor has been very addictive as we tune in each night to see what drama will happen in the mansion, what funny thing Tara will do next, what ridic date the producers will whip up… and something about Matty J finding love. 

What many viewers and women in the house are noticing, though, is that Matty J is confusing AF. 

He’s had more than one date with Laura, Elora and Tara, while a number of others haven’t had one. Some haven’t even had much one-on-one time! 

Many found this unfair since there’s no way Matty can discover the woman for him if he doesn’t spend any time with her. 

What’s worse, is that as soon as one of the other women express their concern of not having any attention, he accuses them of mistrusting him and asks “why would you think that?”


He reassures them that it’s all good, that he’s been in their position before… and then sends them home. 

After not receiving a rose in last night’s episode, Michelle told New Weekly: “(Matty J) did the jerk move of, ‘You know, you’re really great and all but see ya later!’ He gives you a lot of compliments and then sends you home.”


Maybe he's just not bothered anymore hiding the fact that he's obviously in love with Laura and Tara? 

Do you think Matty has been a bit unfair? Or do you think he's been handling his Bachelor role brilliantly? Who do you think he will end up with? Let us know in our Facebook comments!