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Why Hilarious New Aussie Series 'Sexy Herpes' Should Be Your Next Binge Sesh

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Why Hilarious New Aussie Series 'Sexy Herpes' Should Be Your Next Binge Sesh

New Aussie comedy series, Sexy Herpes, set in a dysfunctional sexual health clinic is hilariously brazen and one you won't be able to press pause on!

The six-part series, which has just launched for free on YouTube, surrounds the day-to-day life of sexual health nurse Sarah (Zoe McDonald), her eclectic workmates and absolutely outrageous patients.

With the added bonus of a killer Aussie cast, the series aims to break down the barriers of sexual taboos and gender identity with its shamelessly honest and unapologetic storylines.

Co-creators Madeleine Dyer & Daniel Mulvihill say they were inspired to create the show after growing tired of seeing content that didn't represent their friends, family and the world they lived in.

“We wanted to normalise sexual and gender identity,” said Mulvihill

“ well as tell stories from characters with different cultural backgrounds that weren't cliched - all in the name of comedy.”

Executive producer Duy Huynh says the script has an important message of inclusivity and of acceptance of difference.

"Having grown up in a rough neighbourhood myself, I felt a strong connection to these characters who represent a part of our community who feel maybe that they don’t quite fit in," he said.

"In our Sexy Herpes world, difference is normal."

"This series comes out at a time when Australia is deciding on whether a minority should have the same rights as the majority."

"It comes out at a time where sexual health is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Good sexual health is not front of mind in our young adults. We are moving backwards in STI & STD testing & prevention."

"For a lot of reasons, this series deserves to be seen by the world."