What Ever Happened To ‘Australian Princess’ TV Show Winner Ally?

Remember this show?

What Ever Happened To ‘Australian Princess’ TV Show Winner Ally? ITV

Australia’s love affair with reality TV is nothing new.

A little while after the glory days of Big Brother and long before we were watching strangers get nervous about a pretend wedding on Married At First Sight, there was a wonderful period of now semi-forgotten reality shows like The Hot House, There's Something About Miriam and Australian Princess.

Today, we’re looking at Australian Princess, the show which saw etiquette experts attempt to transform a dozen young 'ordinary' Aussie women into sophisticated ladies fit to handle life as a royal.

Australia watched on week after week until finally Ally Mansell was crowned the winner, taking home a tiara and the opportunity to be escorted to a gala ball by a real life Prince Charming in the United Kingdom.

So where is she now?

Well, it turns out Ally is an artist, a traveller, and still appears on our screens as a presenter on the kids program Get Arty!


Get Arty! is on Discovery Kids, so if you've got Foxtel, chances are, your kids have met Ally before!

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