We've Got News For All The Gilmore Girls Fans Out There

There's a new show coming for you!

We've Got News For All The Gilmore Girls Fans Out There

Image: Warner Bros Television

This morning you may have heard the devastating news about Gilmore Girls.

Lauren Graham, who played the lovable Lorelai Gilmore in the show, said that she thinks there's "no need" to bring back the beloved characters of Stars Hollow again.


According to TV Line, at a recent event, she said,"now it’s become, what could we do with this story that is satisfying, that is worth continuing

"I don’t know if there is a need to do more.

"I wouldn’t want it to feel like we overstayed our welcome."

She did also stay that she would be happy to play Lorelai until her "dying day".

But even if another Gilmore Girls revival DID happen, it looks like it won't be for a while yet.


But don't panic, it's for a very good reason!

The show's creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, has a brand new TV show coming to our screens.

The new show is called The Marvellous Miss Maisel and will appear on Amazon's new streaming service.

The show is set in the 1950's and follows the life of a New York City housewife who discovers her hidden talent for stand-up comedy.

It may sound a bit different but hey, different is what we need right now!

Amy has also recruited a Gilmore Girls alumni to act in the show, but it's not who you'd expect.


Alex Borstein, who you may remember as Miss Celine, will be joining the cast.

We're very keen to see how this show turns out!