Weatherman Literally Blown Away On Live TV

Has this happened to you?

Weatherman Literally Blown Away On Live TV

Image Credit: TV3.

We’ve all had one of those moments where our umbrella has been in an epic battle with the wind, to stay upright and not take us flying down the street. 

Well, it looks like this weatherman had the same dilemma during a morning weather segment… and he didn’t fair so well. 

Irish weatherman Deric Hartigan, took to the morning show Ireland: am on Irish channel TV3, for his usual recap of all things weather related. 

"It’s not a great old start to Friday morning, it’s wet and it’s pretty windy out there and that’s the picture we’re painting right across the weekend. 

"Plenty of scattered showers in the mix, we’ll have full details. All the latest traffic to help you avoid those hotspots…plus lots of your photos – to put a bit of a ooooh – smile on your face.”

You might notice that not many media professionals will randomly say ‘ooooh’ in the middle of their segment… but there’s a very good reason for why Deric did. 

The ooooh was the sound of Deric being blown out of frame as the wind picked up and took himself and his umbrella with it. 


Thankfully, he recovered from the sudden mishap well and continued on while everyone laughed away. 


Imagine how bonkers Australia would go if our TV weather presenters were blown away like this…