We Need To Talk About Matty's Single Date Choices On 'The Bachelor'

What's going on?!

We Need To Talk About Matty's Single Date Choices On 'The Bachelor' Image: Channel Ten

Tonight it was made pretty clear that Matty has a few girls in mind for his top five.

After meeting the parents of Jen, Cobie, Simone, and Elise, our Bachelor decided to take Tara on a second date, even though some of the ten remaining girls hadn't even had one one-on-one date.

We LOVED seeing these guys click again and let's be real, Tara is just the BOMB...


But we can see how some of the other girls could be feeling a bit left behind.

This is where good ol' Jen comes in.

After her mother had met Matty during a cooking challenge and she lost out on one-on-one time to Elise, Jen decided to take matters into her own hands.

She wanted to prove to Matty that she's actually a brilliant cook, so to win him over, she made him a series of desserts that honestly looked HEAVENLY!


Look, we know she's supposed to be a villain but come on, that chocolate cake was mouth-watering!

Matty was very impressed by his chocolate treats, but he could tell something was up.

Jen got real and basically explained that she feels like she's been "friend zoned".

It seems as if there is a trend with women feeling frustrated on this season of The Bachelor because they're not getting enough attention.


Now, that's understandable.

Matty has his favourite girls and wants to get to know them more, we get that, but what about the others?

Some of these girls have had to literally PULL this guy away from the party just so they can get a few minutes with him.

Jen made him dessert, Elise created a mini fishing trip...


Even Elora had to make a fiery entrance in the VERY FIRST EPISODE in order to stand out!

What's the deal?!

After Jen's delectable dessert, it was time for the rose ceremony.

Tonight we didn't see any excess drama and Michelle, who had been concerned that she hadn't been on a single date with Matty also, was sent home.

So what's the secret to winning a single date with Matty?


Charm, charisma, a wonderful first impression?

Could someone fill us in?!