We Finally Know Whether Or Not Salem Will Be In The New 'Sabrina' Series!

Salem forever!

We Finally Know Whether Or Not Salem Will Be In The New 'Sabrina' Series! Viacom

Ever since we found out that there was going to be a reboot of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, there was only one thing we wanted to know, WILL SALEM RETURN?!

In the original series, Salem was probably one of the best characters on the show because he was sarcastic, evil, over-dramatic and adorable.



Salem helped Sabrina a number of times and teased her aunts relentlessly, mainly because he was frustrated about being a cat for eternity, but when The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina was announced, no one mentioned him!

Months after we found out the show would be coming to Netflix, our new Sabrina has been cast and so has her best friend, but not Salem!

Luckily, the show's creator Roberto Andre Sarcasa has heard our demands and has finally revealed whether or not Salem will be in the new series and thank God, HE IS!

Roberto tweeted a photo of the new Salem earlier this morning and look how regal this feline is:


The original Salem was a puppet but it looks like this time around, they'll be using a real black cat for the role of the sassy companion.

No one has been cast to play Salem on the show yet either, so at this stage, it looks like the snide remarks may not be coming from our favourite warlock this time around, which does suck, but it really wouldn't fit into the storyline.

So it's understandable... we guess.


Excuse us while we go and watch the old Sabrina again just to hear Salem's evil voice...