We Could Be Seeing Sophie Monk Back On TV Sooner Than We Thought!

She could be a host!

We Could Be Seeing Sophie Monk Back On TV Sooner Than We Thought! Channel Ten

A lot of Australians have fallen in love with UK reality dating show Love Island and for a while now and Channel Nine, smelling a hit series, have picked up the show and are set to bring it onto our sandy shores next year!

Now, the premise of the show, if you haven't seen it, is that a bunch of sexy, single people jet off to an amazing tropical island and their mission is to choose a partner out of that group.

The new couples have to see how loyal they are to each other whilst intruders walk in and out of the show and couples are voted off the island by the public.

So, it's almost like Married At First Sight except, WE get to choose who stays on the show!


As much as we want him to, Osher Günsberg will not be the host of this new show because he's going to be too busy hosting Bachelor In Paradise when it eventually rolls around.

Instead, there are rumours saying that Sophie Monk will, in fact, take on the hosting role!



NW magazine has reported that The Bachelorette has been approached by Channel Nine about the show however, she's still currently under contract with Channel Ten and so there would probably be a few hoops to jump through before she can take the gig.

But that's not all, if Sophie doesn't host the show, apparently Keira Maguire is in the running for the role!


A few weeks ago, Keira told NW that she's been wanting to take on a hosting role after it was rumoured that she was going to replace Lisa Wilkinson on The Today Show.

“Let’s just say I’ve been wanting to do a hosting gig for a while – and this could potentially be the right fit for me."

Who would you prefer to see on Love Island Australia?

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