We ALL Missed This Heartbreaking Detail In ‘13 Reasons Why’

How did we not notice this?

We ALL Missed This Heartbreaking Detail In ‘13 Reasons Why’

Image Credit: Netflix

We dunno about you guys, but we are still very much obsessed with 13 Reasons Why.

Some of you may have even watched it more than once… or if you haven’t … HELLO DON’T SCROLL ANY FURTHER.


Also, you might need some tissues.

Anywaysssss, Buzzfeed has come to our rescue and have pointed out a pretty damn sad part of the TV series… something that we all missed. 

Let’s throw it back to the first episode when we saw Hannah Baker’s school locker for the first ever time.

It shows her classmates mourning her suicide and the song, More Than Gravity, by Colin & Caroline is playing.

We then hear the recording of Tape 1 for the first time.

Soon after we see the locker, we get introduced to Clay Jensen.

After watching the series about 736483247 times, we know that Clay was full on in love with Hannah… literally breaks our god damn hearts.

But, while we watched that scene for the first time, we had no idea how much he truly loved her.

Once we see Clay for a bit longer on the screen, we can hear the lyrics in the song... and now we realise how much of an important detail that was for the opening scene.

Then fast forward to the last ever episode… remember when Clay was talking to Mr. Porter about Hannah…. Yeah well, it’s basically the exact same thing.

That one song plays such an important part to the story.

Tbh we should've known music was gonna play a big part in this... after all, Selena Gomez is a producer.

Told you you would need tissues.

We need Season 2 NOW!