Viewers Are Outraged By ‘Unfair’ Rule On Married At First Sight Last Night 

Should Jo and Tracy be allowed to leave?

Viewers Are Outraged By ‘Unfair’ Rule On Married At First Sight Last Night  Channel Nine

Last night, fans of Married At First Sight watched the very first commitment ceremony which saw couples voice their wish to either stay on together or leave the experiment.

Most couples decided to stick it out despite their butting heads, but two wives were blindsided by their husbands who wrote down the words ‘LEAVE’ on their decision cards.

We knew there wasn’t much of a spark between Jo and Sean after the mum kept using the word ‘mateship’ like this was season one of Australian Survivor to describe their relationship. After a week of not being honest with her, Sean finally revealed: “I don’t want to stuff her around and I chose to leave.”

Jo didn’t take it well, calling him a “d****bag” and asked to change her answer so she could leave too.

But here’s the thing, THEY WOULND’T LET HER!

Yes, Jo had already written down ‘STAY’ before she knew that Sean was secretly not as keen on their relationship and said if she’d known, she would have left too and gone home to her kids.


The same thing happened with Tracey and Dean.

To be fair with Sean, he never really gave any indication that he was into Jo, but he also didn't tell her otherwise. 

Dean, on the other hand, was much worse. 

Despite being intimate with Tracey that morning and not giving her any indication that he no longer wanted to see where their relationship would go, Dean said he wanted to leave.

Poor Tracey had no idea this was coming, saying it was “a pretty obvious decision” to stay and even drew a love heart on her decision card first.  

Instead, the brunette was blindsided big time when Dean told her that “deep down, I don’t know if we’re actually right for each other. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.”

There was a lot of fighting.

“So what? You can have sex with me and be very affectionate but not give it a chance?” asked Tracey before adding “I see that as a really weak thing to do… This is probably why you’re still single”

It was messy.


Now, despite knowing that both their ‘husbands’ would rather not be there, Jo and Tracey are forced to remain on the show in their couples for a whole extra week!

Yes, the rules state that if one person writes down ‘STAY’ and the other writes ‘LEAVE’, they must remain together and can’t change their answer!

And the couples are supposed to all move in together this week!

Never mind the actual emotions and humiliation these people are going through, if it makes good TV, let’s keep them on…



And let's not forget that Dean is probably going to leave his 'wife' for Davina very soon, can Tracey leave then or does she have to watch the whole thing? 

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