Vanessa Sunshine's Brutally Honest Account Of Being On The Bachelor

"I can always prove people wrong"

Vanessa Sunshine's Brutally Honest Account Of Being On The Bachelor Network Ten

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was whirlwind ride. 

(Read below recap for Vanessa’s brutal account ABOUT WHAT REALLY happened!)


All the girls in the house started to recognise how uninterested Vanessa Sunshine was in Nick, Rhiannon missed her chance to kiss Nick and was the image of awkwardness we have ALL been when we have a crush on someone (and broke down about the pressure of trying to start a relationship to one of the producers as we looked on from the bushes), Emily made us want her to be the next Other with how great she is at reading those announcement cards, Vanessa shocked everyone with her mad skills as she got her swag set up first, Romy talked behind someone’s back again proving she really can’t mind her own business, Romy was a biatch saying that Vanessa was “expired… she’s gotta go,” Vanessa cooked amazing burgers, Romy stepped over a line and snuck into Nick’s swag… Alisha told all the girls and caused a sh#$storm to rain down, Cass confronted Nick about the inappropriate swag sitch on a romantic picnic, Nick made it clear he has class and wouldn't ruin his "chance at finding that special girl," Nick let Cass know she's in with a real chance and confessed he feels real around her ... then Nick gave out roses to the girls he was interested in and gave Cass and extra-long hug...

Oh, and Vanessa Sunshine was kicked out of the mansion… 


The surprise rose ceremony at the camp site saw Vanessa saying sayonara and we looked on as she stood their for an awkwardly long time before she gave Nick a super quick hug and walked out without saying a single word. 

But, according to Vanessa, that is NOT how it all went down

She spoke to TV Week, revealing, "Yeah that's not how it went down.

"What actually happened is, I said my goodbye to Nick first. I said 'I hope you find whatever and whoever it is you're searching for' and then I had to say goodbye to the girls. I hugged them all, except for Romy, and then I walked off.

"Like I stood there for probably one second and they made it out like it was really long, that's not what happened."

Even though Vanessa made it clear how much she does NOT like Romy, she revealed she isn’t annoyed she got the rose instead. 

"Nick is a grown up, 30-year-old man, he is more than capable of making his own decisions.

“If he was thinking at that point in time 'Oh, Romy is a better option than Vanessa' then, that's his problem."

She also opened up about how she felt about the other girls constantly trying to pry information from her. 

"Uh… I'll be real cutthroat. I think that Cat, Romy and Alisha's behaviour just stems from their own insecurities, whatever they are. 

"They've been labelled all these things like 'trio,' 'mean girls,' 'villains,' and I think that those kind of titles almost glorify their behaviour. It's not producer coerced, it is really how they were behaving and there's a lot more footage. You guys aren't even seeing the half of it.

"I was very aware that they were saying and doing these things, they might not have been doing it to my face, but I knew it was happening. So for me I'm like, yeah duh b** no wonder I'm not opening up to you! If you're saying this about me behind my back I don't want to give you the time of day.


"The way that Cat, Romy and Alisha get their self-worth, their self-validation and their self-confidence is by belittling, berating and bullying other people. That's what it is at the end of the day, they can sugar coat it whatever way they want but at the end of the day it is bullying and I'm just someone who is very particular about who I spend my time with.

"Even if I didn't like someone I would never go out of my way to belittle and degrade who they are as a human, or to attack their physical attributes, so… yeah get out of my business!"

We all grew to warm to Vanessa, even though she was harder to break than an old Nokia phone, and everyone’s already gunning for her to be the next Bachelorette. 

She’s brutally honest and doesn’t care what others think, meaning it would be hilarious to watch her in her own show… 


"I did not love the first episode I was like 'oh, why!' But the rest of it I'm pretty happy with. I'm not gonna lie, I watch it and I think I'm pretty funny.

"You're not going to please everyone in life and that's fine. I don't care.

"I can read that and I'm like honestly I don't give a s*, like my cousin cares more than me."

Did YOU think it was Vanessa's time to be booted off?

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