Vanessa Sunshine Goes HAM, Takes Down Every B**tchy Bachie Girl

We have SO much respect for her

Vanessa Sunshine Goes HAM, Takes Down Every B**tchy Bachie Girl Network Ten

Last night, Vanessa Sunshine, our new found hero, was booted off The Bachelor

Everyone was kind of expecting it, because she wasn’t showing the utmost of interest in Nick and his mo’, but we enjoyed her comedic awkwardness on the show so much that we didn’t want her to leave. 

Vanessa was one of the girls who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind about the mean girls in the house, in a way that didn’t bully anyone, and now she’s opened up about the b*tchiness on the 2DayFM Breakfast show.

She didn’t hold back, proving she really is as honest as they come and revealing how she’s feeling about the mean ‘trio’. 

“I’m not going to sugar coat it. … I think they self call themselves the trio… mean girls and villains and stuff like that. 

“But to me, that’s almost giving them those titles is glorifying their behaviour. 

“What you’re seeing, it’s not edited, it’s not scripted, it’s not producer coerced, they really are like that, and to me that behaviour is disgusting. 

“They always seem to justify their behaviour by scapegoating other people, but for me, Cat, Romy and Alisha get their self worth, their self confidence and… their self validation by belittling, berating and bullying other people. 

“They can sugarcoat it whatever way that they want, but that’s what it is at the end of the day. It’s bullying.

“Even if I didn’t like someone, I would never go out of my way to degrade who someone is as a human and belittle them, and to attack their physical attributes it’s not okay.”

Hear her brutally honest chat below!

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