US Woman Listed As A Missing Person Appears On 'The Bachelor' Alive & Well

She was missing for 2 months!

US Woman Listed As A Missing Person Appears On 'The Bachelor' Alive & Well CBS

A 22-year-old woman who was listed on California's missing persons database has been found alive and well... on The Bachelor!

According to the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office in Fresno, Rebeckah Martinez was reported as missing by her mother on November 18, 2017, telling deputies that she had last spoken to her daughter through a friends phone six days earlier.

Rebekah told her mother that she would be working on a marijuana farm and would return within a week but after a few days of not hearing from her, the mother contacted police.


Because Rebekah never contacted police saying that she was absolutely fine, she remained on the missing person's database and earlier this week, a report about current missing people in California was published in the North Coast Journal included her picture.

The article asked readers if they could “see anyone you recognise?” and well, a US Bachelor fan definitely recognised one of the show's newest contestants!


Rebekah appeared on the most recent season of The Bachelor in the US and was very active on social media when the show ended lat year, but it looks like no one thought to let the police know that she was fine.

Rebekah's story  has gone viral and when she found out, she took to Twitter to say this:


She has now been taken off of the missing persons database but still... how did this even happen?!