Turns Out 'Love Island Australia' Reject Charlie Wants To Date Sophie Monk

Who saw this coming?!

Turns Out 'Love Island Australia' Reject Charlie Wants To Date Sophie Monk 9GO! / @sophiemonk Instagram

So, last night on Love Island Australia, football player Charlie was sent home after he was left rejected by his potential flames, Tasha and Kim, who chose to explore relationships with other people in the villa.

Charlie left Spain (which is hard to do anyway because the country is just so damn beautiful) and headed back to Australia where he's decided to tell The Daily Mail which member of the Love Island Australia team he was actually keen on...

Turns out, he has a thing for Sophie Monk!

"When I first saw her, I thought she was a good sort. I'm shocked that she's still single!"

The 22-year-old explained that he thought their 16-year age gap wasn't an issue and that even though he'd only met her a few times, he thought that Sophie was his type.

Clearly, Charlie has a type because don't Tasha, Kim and Sophie look kind of similar?!


Unfortunately for him, though, Sophie told The Today Show before the series began, that she wasn't keen on hooking up with any of the contestants.

"Not the contestants, that would be weird! It would be a bit weird if I was like, 'Caroline you stole my man, and you’re out!' I’d win wouldn’t I?"

Although, he's technically not a contestant now, soooo...


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