Troy Replies To Rumours Saying That Ashley Was Forced To Stay With Him On 'MAFS'

He also hints that they've split!

Troy Replies To Rumours Saying That Ashley Was Forced To Stay With Him On 'MAFS' Channel Nine

Yesterday, a Married At First Sight fan posted a photo of herself with Ashley on Facebook, saying that the TV bride spilled a lot of juicy information about Troy.

According to the fan, Ashley told her that "Troy didn’t apply for the show but was selected via an agency" and that "she also said they weren’t going to get rid of a main ‘character’ early so she had to play the game", leading everyone to believe that Troy is, in fact, an actor.


The story made headlines around Australia and now, Troy has spoken out about what his TV wife allegedly told the fan.

Whilst speaking to The Daily Mail, Troy said that he's not an actor and that he was "disappointed" with Ashley's comments.

He explained that the Queenslander "obviously can't get over things" that happened on the show and said that her statement was "boring".

"It's just boring because the answer is no, I've never acted in my life, and I'm disappointed with Ash that she obviously can't get over things."

His statement has led many fans to believe that his relationship with Ashley has ended, which is something Australia has suspected ever since she was spotted at a Queensland shopping centre with another MAFS groom.


In last night's episode, Troy serenaded Ashley on the beach with a poem he had written for her.

Everything seemed to be pretty cheery afterwards, but tonight we're going to see the honesty boxes appear during the dinner party and we wouldn't be surprised if they shatter their newfound romance...


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