Tracey Thinks Dean Is "Dad Material" After He Met Her Daughter

That was quick...

Tracey Thinks Dean Is "Dad Material" After He Met Her Daughter Channel Ten

Dean may have cheated on Tracey with Davina, but that hasn't stopped the couple from flourishing after she left the show.

Tracey has revealed that after Dean met her daughter Grace, she's not only considering a move to Sydney, but she also thinks he's "dad material".

Whist speaking to OK!, the relationship expert said that when her TV husband met her daughter, they bonded and she thinks that if they did decide to start a family together, Dean would make a great father.

"It's no secret Dean and I have been through a lot, but I really wanted her to meet the mystery man I'm spending my time with.

"He was great with her. When he met Grace, she was wearing a skateboarding T-shirt and they bonded over that.

"They had a great connection because they're both big kids!

"Dean is definitely dad material.

"He has a lot of strengths that make for a good parent."

Dean told the publication that he does want kids and that he's glad that he gets along with Grace so well.

"I want kids for sure.

"I love them. I've met Tracey's daughter Grace now, too, and that went really well."


Now that Grace has met Dean, Tracey is considering a move to Sydney.

Dean currently lives in the NSW capital and Tracey says that Grace wouldn't be opposed to the move either.

"I was looking to make the move to Sydney from Perth, even before MAFS.

"My daughter and I have a great relationship and she'd travel with me. People move for love all the time."

Dean said he'd be happy for Tracey and Grace to become a part of his life in Sydney and would welcome them with open arms.

"There was an instant connection between us. That bond has grown stronger with everything we've been through.

"I've let her down and I'm grateful she managed to see past that. We're in a good place for our future together now."

Well, we guess it's about time we stop bagging Dean and just let the couple do their thing...

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