Tracey Reveals The Moment She Decided To Dump Dean On 'MAFS'

"It was a bit of a wake up call..."

Tracey Reveals The Moment She Decided To Dump Dean On 'MAFS' Channel Nine

After weeks of defending her TV husband, last night Tracey decided to leave Dean after he said that he had fallen in love with her.

It was the moment that Australia had been waiting weeks to see and this morning, Tracey told Amos, Cat & Angus when she finally decided that she needed to leave Dean.

Angus mentioned all of the online backlash that Tracey had received for staying with Dean and that's when she explained when she officially did decide that her TV husband wasn't the man for her.

"I really made that final decision at the final date, on the boat.

"That was when I thought, with his response, that I wasn't really buying what he was telling me on the boat.

"So that's when I made the decision."


Tracey then went on to explain that she really needed to do what was right for her and being with Dean just wasn't it.

"I've learned a lot through this experiment and it's true, I'm a people pleaser.

"I always put my partner ahead of myself and that's fine, but I really did realise 'hang on a minute, what do I want?' 

"It was a bit of a wake up call for me because it's my pattern, I've done it before."

Cat asked Tracey if she got to spend time with Dean before or after the breakup and the MAFS bride said that they were actually not allowed to see each other at all other than at the final commitment ceremony!

Listen to the full interview below and see what Tracey was thinking before the dramatic ceremony:


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