Tracey & Dean's Sexy Texts Are Now Online For All MAFS Fans To See!

They're not that sexy though...

Tracey & Dean's Sexy Texts Are Now Online For All MAFS Fans To See! Channel Nine

Remember how Sean confronted Dean about texting his new girlfriend (and Dean's ex TV wife), Tracey, during the final Married At First Sight dinner party? 

Well, those sexy texts have now landed online thanks to New Idea and guys, we don't really know what Sean was so concerned about...


These texts are very tame!

"TRACEY: ‘Who’s going to be the lucky 19-year-old to bring in the new year with you lol.’

DEAN:  ‘Hmm good question.’

DEAN: ‘F*** me. That got out of hand quickly. Just partied with Andy last night and shit got crazy. Only got home at like 4pm today.’"

There was allegedly a picture sent to Tracey of Dean with another girl as well, but we don't know if it was just a simple picture of him hanging out with her, or something more raunchy...

Dean said that Tracey also sent him a picture of herself in her underwear asking him if he thought Sean would like the lingerie she was wearing. 

Tracey never confirmed or denied that she sent the picture but these texts... they're a lot less raunchy than we anticipated.

Do you think these texts were sexts, or just semi-flirty text messages?

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