Three People Left Bachelor In Paradise Tonight & We're Still Trying To Process It

What just happened?

Three People Left Bachelor In Paradise Tonight & We're Still Trying To Process It Network Ten

Last week, Laurina walked out on Bachelor In Paradise after she was given a date card just before bed and all of her grief from losing her brother a month before, bubbled to the surface.

It was hard for her but earlier this afternoon, we were told that not one, not two, but THREE people leave Bachelor In Paradise tonight, meaning that there's at least one person who decides to leave voluntarily.


The preview seemed to show that Michael, Elora and Luke were the top three suspects to leave the show, but can we really trust a promo?

Yes, we can... kind of.

After trying his best to connect with Lisa, Michael decided to leave Paradise after he realised that his feelings for her weren't reciprocated.

He said he's ready to find love, but he said that he definitely didn't find it in Paradise and told a producer that it was his time to leave.


Micheal's exit was short and sweet and soon, we were focusing on the remaining couples again.

Lisa returned to Luke and suddenly, she told him that she was thinking about leaving the show and she wanted him to leave too.

Understandably, Luke was shocked and he was struggling to decide whether or not he wanted to stay, or leave with Lisa and give their relationship a go in the real world.


And after a weird time of deliberation, both Luke and Lisa decided to leave Paradise!


Clearly, there's no point in a rose ceremony...

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