Those Netflix Ratings Don't Work They Way You Think They Do


Those Netflix Ratings Don't Work They Way You Think They Do

Image: Netflix

Tonight is your movie night.

You make your popcorn, pour yourself a glass of soft drink (or wine if you're feeling frisky) and snuggle into the couch.

You open Netflix and start flipping through their library of movies and shows to try and find something awesome to watch.

You find something you think looks great, but it only has a two-star rating, so you move on.



This isn't actually what those Netflix rating stars are for, just so you know.

Turns out, those stars aren't actually there to show whether or not the movies and shows are good, it's actually to show whether or not they'll suit your taste.



So if the movie only has a two-star rating in your library, it may have a five-star rating in someone else's!

This probably all sounds a tad confusing, luckily, Netflix has realised this and have introduced a new feature to make things a bit easier to understand. 

From here on in, they won't be using star-ratings to tailor your searches, now they've got the good ol' thumbs up and thumbs down system goin' on.


This new system is supposed to help Netflix get to know us better and help make better recommendations based on our tastes.

Let's see if it works, shall we?