This Photo May Reveal Which Couples Last The Distance On 'MAFS'

There's definitely one...

This Photo May Reveal Which Couples Last The Distance On 'MAFS' Channel Nine / @itsangrydad Instagram

Now that Married At First Sight has been on our screens for a significant period of time, you've probably already chosen the couples you're hoping will last once the cameras are turned off.

Telv and Sarah have a lot of fans, as do Charlene and Patrick, John and Mel and Gab and Nasser.

The other couples seem to all have some sort of drama going on and whilst some of those dramas have been broadcast to the entire nation in nearly every episode, others have had their dramas kept private.

Despite everything that's happened on the show, though, all we really want to know is which couples are still together!

Luckily, an Instagram photo may have just revealed one couple who has lasted the distance, and another that may just have not worked out.

The photo was found by an avid MAFS fan and shows Sarah, Telv, Ryan and John having dinner with a few friends.





Although Sarah's sitting next to Ryan in the photo, it looks like her marriage with Telv is still going strong, which will no doubt put a smile on many MAFS fans' faces.


Unsurprisingly, Ryan went to dinner without Davina, so we can safely assume that their marriage didn't work out, but what DOES surprise us is that John's wife Mel is no where to be found!


Either their marriage didn't work out either, or, Mel simply couldn't be there.

We're really hoping it's the latter because we just want John to be happy, dammit!

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