This Is The MasterChef Contestant To Watch Out For This Season

She is KILLING it!

This Is The MasterChef Contestant To Watch Out For This Season

Image: Network Ten

The very first MasterChef immunity challenge was held tonight and we're not gonna lie, it was tight.

Karlie, Sarah and Eliza were battling it out to cook the best dish for the judges to go on to the next round and cook against a professional chef for that little immunity badge.

The professional chef who would be helping out during the episode was GQ magazine's Chef Of The Year Shannon Bennett.

This was a big deal to the girls because they all turned into crazy fangirls as soon as he walked into the room.


It was then revealed that Sarah, Karlie and Eliza must cook a family dinner for four in order to move on to the next round and cook against a chef that Shannon had handpicked to cook against them.

As soon as the challenge began, the girls were already panicking.

Eliza had ANOTHER mind blank in the pantry, her second in the last two episodes, and after returning to her bench Karlie realised that she had forgotten two key ingredients in the pantry and wasn't able to go back and get them.

Karlie was forced to improvise whilst her competitors perfected their dishes.

Eliza's dish came to a halt when, with only a few minutes left, she discovered that her lamb was still raw.

Last night we saw Lee head home because of uncooked chicken, so there was a good chance that uncooked lamb wasn't going to do her any favours.

After the challenge ended and the dishes were tasted, Eliza's lamb ended up being cooked just enough to impress the judges, but Sarah ended up winning the challenge with her bok choy.


Sarah was then left to cook against Shannon's chef, Jarrod Di Blasi for her immunity pin.


The judges decided to do something a little different for the challenge and really stay true to 'Home Cooking Week'.

Gary, George and Matt had all brought in their own fridges from home and Sarah was asked to pick who's food she'd like to cook with.


Sarah decided to go with Gary's fridge and attempt to cook XO steak with mashed potatoes for her dish, whilst Jarrod decided to cook sashimi with possibly the thinnest fish we've ever seen!

That fish was as thin as rice paper when he was done with it!


Both dishes came out brilliantly and although Jarrod won the challenge, this episode is proof that Sarah is the contestant to watch out for this year because she can cook up a storm!