There's Going To Be A New Baby-Sitters Club TV Series

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There's Going To Be A New Baby-Sitters Club TV Series

Brace yourselves, because your favourite childhood baby sitters are coming back to our screens!

A new TV version of The Baby-Sitters Club is in the works according to a new report from Deadline

The series will star all the characters you remember from Ann M. Martin's beloved book series, and storylines will revolve around the girls entrepreneurial skills and friendships. 

As a 7-year-old reading these books I always assumed that when I was 13 I would start my own baby-sitters club, but as an adult looking back on this series I wonder who on earth was allowing their babies to be cared for by a bunch of schoolgirls. Never forget that Jessi and Mallory were only 11! 

There have been two previous filmed versions of The Baby-Sitters Club. The first was an early 90s TV series that featured the most iconic theme song of all time:


The second version was a movie starring some icons of the late 90s - Rachael Leigh Cook as Mary Anne Spier, Larisa Oleynik as Dawn Schafer and Schuyler Fisk as Kristy Thomas.


It also featured an extremely catchy song about how the body works that I still get stuck in my head to this day. THE BRAIN THE BRAIN THE CENTRE OF THE CHAIN!


The groundbreaking fact that Claudia had her very own phone line into her room seems so quaint these days when every child has their own mobile phone from birth. 

Walden Media and Michael De Luca Productions are responsible for the new production. 

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