The Upsetting Difference Between Georgia’s Season Of The Bachelorette And Matty’s

Double standards much?

The Upsetting Difference Between Georgia’s Season Of The Bachelorette And Matty’s Georgia Love Instagram/ Matty J Instagram

This season of The Bachelor seems to be breaking the rules… which to some extent is fine, but there is something that we really don’t think is fair and tbh it is kinda disgusting.

Yes, this year is all about Matty.

But you might remember last year when it was all about Georgia Love and her finding love. Thankfully she did and Georgia and Lee are still together a year later!


While the show was being filmed, it looked like everything was running smoothly, but the truth is... Georgia and her family were dealing with the hardest things they would ever face in their life, her mum being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. 

This was all going on behind the scenes… while it was slightly touched on the show- we never knew the extent of how bad it really was.

That is because Georgia wasn’t allowed to see her during filming.

Belinda Love was just 60-years-old when she lost her fight with the disease after just a six month battle.

This happened just a few weeks after the show was aired.

At the time Georgia and Lee told The Daily Telegraph that her mum had given Lee the seal of approval from her hospital bed after the finale aired.


 Now, fast-forward to this season and it seems that those rules have completely gone out the window and let’s all bow down to Matty.

Within just a few episodes, Matty’s sister, Kate, was allowed to enter the house to give her opinion on the girls… because she is pregnant and may miss the finale… Because that makes good TV. 

We're just gonna leave that there…


At the time of The Bachelorette being aired, it was reported that Georgia only had contact with her mum on the phone during the filming… because that was the rules.


And let’s just flash back to last night… the girls were allowed to have their parents come to the house to visit.

Because that makes good TV. 


YES, the contestants… 

They all had a big bloody family reunion with a cook off… Because that makes good TV. 


For a show that seems to be now so family orientated because Matty wants a family (who doesn't)… that was sadly overlooked last year in so many ways.

Georgia's strength inspires us everyday.