The Unusual Item You Missed In MAFS’ Tracey’s Bedroom

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The Unusual Item You Missed In MAFS’ Tracey’s Bedroom Channel Nine

Two MAFS bombshells dropped overnight.

  1. Tracey split with Dean in a dramatic TV moment. 
  2. We found out that Tracey is now in a romantic relationship with another MAFS contestant - Sean. 

Needless to say, MAFS fans are having a hard time processing the mind-reeling surprises. 

So, we thought we’d take a venture back to last night’s episode, because there was an unusual item in Tracey’s bedroom that MAFS fans can’t get enough of. 

During the episode, we all got a brief look into her apartment before she split with dean. 

We saw a gorgeous pic of Tracey and Dean at their ‘wedding’, but there was another pic behind it that fans weren’t sure belonged in the bedroom. 


Behind the portrait was a large signed photo go Oprah Winfrey and fans were quick to spot it, despite how quickly we got a glimpse at it. 

Fans took to Twitter to write things like, "Tracey has a signed Oprah Winfrey picture in her bedroom,” finding it unusual she wouldn’t have pictures of family or friends instead. 

"Lol at Tracey's framed picture of Oprah, where a normal person would have a picture of family or friends.”

Another wrote, "Oprah should host #mafsau: You get a husband, you get a husband, everybody gets a husband.”

Does anyone else think this is unusual? 


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