The Real Reason Davina Called Tracey ‘Crazy’ On MAFS

What was really going on?

The Real Reason Davina Called Tracey ‘Crazy’ On MAFS Channel Nine

MAFS may be over for another year, but that doesn’t mean that everyone’s over the drama that ensued. 

We were all shocked by the showdown between Davina Rankin and Tracey Jewel when they discussed her affair with Dean Wells, but now Davina has revealed the reason she called Tracey ‘crazy’. 

Speaking with A Current Affair, Davina revealed, “Tracey actually called me after she left Dean at the aisle of the last ceremony, and we’re actually fine.”

She explained that herself and Tracey had already discussed their issues off camera and had put the matter to rest. 


So, when Davina was confronted by Tracey at the group’s dinner, she was taken aback. 

Davina went on to say that this confusion led her to call Tracey ‘crazy’. 

In her interview with A Current Affair, she broke down into tears as she talked about how much public abuse she has received over her actions on the show, and that her parents have also been affected by the trolls.

“My mum and dad were ropeable. Absolutely ropeable. I just felt really bad for them because's it's all on the internet. 

"And bless them, but they know nothing about the internet. They just want to get on there and say 'F**k you Susan, don't call my daughter a bi**h!'.’ 


"I just have to be like, 'Mum, Dad, you need to not comment, that's not how this works. If you comment, people are going to start attacking you."

While people may not be happy with Davina’s actions, we have to remember that MAFS is just a show and that online abuse is unacceptable. 


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