The Most Explosive Survivor Grand Final In History Happened Last Night


The Most Explosive Survivor Grand Final In History Happened Last Night CBS

Hello, yes, come in. Sit down. We need to discuss Survivor last night.

Firstly, an important SPOILER WARNING.

GO BACK NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE GRAND FINAL YET. Seriously, go home right now and watch it, then come back.

Just allowing some space now for another spoiler free zone….











Last chance to turn back…

Okay let’s talk about this!

Last night, fans witness a history-making ending to Survivor: Ghost Island.

For the very first time, after a whopping 36 seasons, there was a tie.

The jury’s votes were split, with Dom and Wendall both receiving 5 votes each, leaving Laurel, as the only castaway left in the game, the person to make the final $1 million decision as to who should be crowned the Sole Survivor.



Everyone knew something crazy was happening when Jeff began reading out the votes at tribal council instead of waiting until they got back to the US for the live finale.

When Jeff finally read out the single vote live on stage last night, Wendall was announced as the winner!!


So, how do we feel about this outcome?

In my personal opinion, I believe Laurel did make the correct decision.

As the season drew closer to the end, I found myself asking ‘how are Wendall and Dom going to differentiate their game in the end?’

They made every decision together in the closest bromance we’d seen since JT & Stephen back in Tocantins, and there really wasn’t a puppet-master running the show.

Both were incredibly equal with their social and strategic games.

They both knew they couldn’t sit next to each other in the end, but with constant possession of idols in their pockets and immunities around their necks, they genuinely never had a chance to vote each other out!

The boys did get punished though, for not finding a way to take each other out of the game earlier or working out what the majority of the jury would value as a winning game. 


But Laurel chose Wendall.

Watching the season play out on television, it was easy for us to see that the two both played extremely strong games, but during those final tribal council speeches, I think Dom had a much better performance at pitching his journey.

I was shouting at the TV for Wendall to sell himself better. He didn’t just build things around camp to create bonds with people, he worked his way into a really strong position in the game.

He let Dom come across a little more arrogant to the jury with his ‘showman-like’ behaviour, becoming a lot more likeable, while he also went on to be a challenge beast.   

But most importantly, he made specific moves to prove his loyalty to Laurel.

Whether it be telling her that she reminded him of his sister back home, creating that family connection, or giving her an immunity idol (not that she even needed it, but the symbolic gesture still makes an impact), he made sure his bond with Laurel was closer than her bond with Dom, and in the end, it won him a million bucks!


Last night we also saw the return of Sia money!

A few years back, the Aussie popstar gifted $50,000 to Tai because she was so touched by his love and respect for animals.

This super random but welcomed generosity returned once again, with Jeff telling Donathan that Sia wanted to give him $10,000, as she was so moved by his dedicating his life to being a carer for his sick mother and grandmother.

She later bumped up the price to $14,000!


Unfortunately, CBS decided to give Kevin Hart a bunch of airtime to promote his new TV show instead of recapping the season with the contestants, so we'll all have to scour the internet for solid interviews. 


Please let me know what you thought of this season and the finale in our Facebook comments! 

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