The Man Who Bought BOTH Penthouses On ‘The Block’ Says He “Couldn’t Pick”

He'd never watched the show!

The Man Who Bought BOTH Penthouses On ‘The Block’ Says He “Couldn’t Pick” Channel Nine

In a first for The Block, Australia watched as both penthouses of the Gatwick building were sold to one mystery buyer.

Speaking anonymously to Domain, the ‘tech entrepreneur and property investor’ says he splurged almost $6 million on the penthouses because he couldn’t pick between the two. 

“I’m very, very happy with the price,” he told the property site. “I got two bargains.”

The mystery investor bought Norm & Jess’s apartment for $2,859,000 and Bianca & Carla’s for $2,991,000.

“I came and looked at the penthouses, and they were both amazing, I couldn’t pick.”

The buyer visited the apartments less than 48 hours prior to the auction and said he had never watched any episodes of the show before.

“I think turning what was the Gatwick into this is going to change this block and this street, and, then with the Oslo around the corner changing, too, I think things are on the up.”

He has not yet decided if he will rent the penthouses to long-term tenants or opt for shorter stay options like airbnb.

Check out the results of last night’s auction:

Sara and Hayden: sold for $3.02 million (made $645,000)

Kerrie and Spence: sold for $2.85 million (made $415,000)

Courtney and Hans: sold for $2,770,000 (made $410,000)

Bianca and Carla: sold for $2,991,000 (made $301,000)

Norm and Jess: sold for $2,859,000 (made $209,000)

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