The MAJOR Editing Fail You Missed On MAFS

Did you notice it?

The MAJOR Editing Fail You Missed On MAFS Channel Nine

Reality television is in full swing again for the year and y’all are devouring it like it’s the last cookie in a jar. 

In other words, Aussies can’t seem to get enough of the drama. 

Married At First Sight has been stirring the pot and making our jaws drop, especially after the second dinner party… but there was a fail in the editing that you probably missed, and you’ll be kicking yourself that you did!

During Davina’s conversation with Dean’s wife Tracey, we hear her “Oh my god is this dessert?” just before the end of the episode. 

BUT, the treats had already been featured earlier in the show, when Davina had earlier been seen munching on a cupcake as other empty plates with cupcake wrappers sitting on the table. 

However, fans spotted that at the end of the episode, the desserts were brought out to the table to the surprised guests - meaning the footage had been edited out of order… 

Fans took to Twitter, saying, "The editing on this is terrible. Davina was eating a cupcake already when she barged into the conversation.”

The editors on this show definitely like to skew reality and play with our minds… what else are they twisting?!


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