The Latest 'Game Of Thrones' News Has Us SHOOK

This is INSANE!

The Latest 'Game Of Thrones' News Has Us SHOOK HBO

Game Of Thrones has been off everyone’s radar since the last season left us on a real cliff hanger… 

While we still have a year left to wait for the next season, we’ve just heard the latest goss from the set that has us gobsmacked!

We all know how epic the battle scenes can be for the show, but we never took into account how much effort goes into each scene!

According to the latest news, the cast and crew spent 55 nights filming ONE battle scene for the eight and final season!

How insane is that?!

A now-deleted Instagram post was shared by assistant director Jonathan Quinlan of a thank you note from producers to all the crew and cast members. 


They braved the wild weather and we know all their hard work is going to pay off!

Who’s looking forward to the final season of GOT?!

Let us know what you think will happen!


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