The ‘History Making’ Episode Of MAFS Tonight Was A Straight Up Lie

'It will go down in television history'

The ‘History Making’ Episode Of MAFS Tonight Was A Straight Up Lie  Channel Nine

All week, Channel Nine has been promoting tonight’s episode of Married At First Sight as an episode that will go down in “television history”, so what actually happened?


All dramatic music and cliffhangers aside, nothing happened for a very long time.

It wasn’t until the very last 10 mins of the show that Nasser and Gabrielle took to the couch to discuss their relationship at the second last commitment ceremony of the season.

For a quick recap, last week, Gab surprised Nasser by writing down that she wanted to ‘reluctantly leave’ their relationship. A decision he did not see coming.

She expressed her fear that he would never show affection for her, respect her and take their relationship to the next level.

“I came into this strongly, and I will walk out of this strongly. With or without you…  I would love you to convince me not to.”

Tonight, Nasser expressed how he "felt like an idiot" and was humiliated after what had happened. 

“She’s probably not really into me anyway… I love you as a friend and I’ll always love you as a friend” he said before revealing “with great sadness” that he had decided to leave.

But after dictating so much of the course of their relationship, Nasser was served a massive shock when Gab decided to take control and write a surprising ‘STAY’ on her card.

“I am very proud about how I came into this… while there was a crack of light, I will stay until there is darkness”

Perhaps the most surprising part of the ceremony was when Gab revealed it was her “beautiful sister in the world, Tracey” who inspired her to stay.

“I’m not leaving this experiment until I’m ready.”


Fans fist pumped all over Twitter at the move:





A “gobsmacked” Nasser told cameras, “She’s not giving up on me at all. Why? She must see something in me that I don’t see” and it was actually quite sweet.

But you know what?

Call me crazy, but I don't think this will go down in television history at all. Like, at all.

Hell, someone writing ‘stay’ while the other writes ‘leave’ isn’t even a Married At First Sight first!

Someone tell me what I've missed! 

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