The Hint That Bachelor In Paradise's Apollo & Laurina Are Dating

Who's hooking up with who?

The Hint That Bachelor In Paradise's Apollo & Laurina Are Dating Channel Ten

Australia is loving reality television again this year and just as the Bachelor in Paradise is about to begin, we’ve got some juicy details that suggest one of the duos is already dating!

Some of the cast appeared on Family Feud together on Sunday - Jarrod Woodgate, Michael Turnbull, Davey Lloyd and Apollo Jackson were up against Laurina Fleure, Tara Pavlovic, Lisa Hyde and Florence Sophia.

While Grant Denyer asked them all about the new show, they dropped some hints about who may have gotten with each other. noted Laurina’s answers when Grant asked her what she looks for in a guy. 

“OK, I want a man who’s spiritual, compassionate, caring, affectionate, gentle, loving, tall, dark, and handsome.”

The camera then panned straight to Apollo and his reaction. 


Grant later asked Apollo if he was still sleeping in a single bed and he emphasised, “No, no!”

Apollo explained that he’s been focusing on family and career, and hadn’t been on a date since The Bachelor with Sophie Monk. 


He stressed that he was really looking forward to connecting with someone on the new show, which fans are convinced is Laurina. 

“So, to just have 24 hours away on an island, no phone, no work, no distractions, just to try and connect and see if you can find love. It was just perfect for me.”

Not that this really confirms everyone’s hopes that they’re together, but we can’t wait to see how it all pans out on Bachelor in Paradise!


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