The FULL 2017 Australian Survivor Cast Is Here

The Tribe has spoken.

The FULL 2017 Australian Survivor Cast Is Here

Image Credit: Network Ten.

We’re all battling through a cold AF winter, so most of us are convinced we are already struggling through our own real life version of Survivor

But there’s no beating the TV version we all get obsessed with every year… 





So the news that the FULL cast list has been released should leave you feeling tingly all over. 

Network Ten has finally released the full cast list for the second season of Australian Survivor, revealing the 24 contestants picked from the 16,000 who applied. 

Of the 24, six are from WA, six are from NSW, six are from Victoria, three are from Queensland, and three are from SA.

One of the most high-profile contestants is Nicole “Ziggy” Zagame, who is a bronze medal winning Olympic athlete in water polo. 

So, you know, don’t mess with her in the water… 

Who else will be joining the show and entertaining us all? 


  • Luke Toki, Mining Technician, 30, WA 

  • Ben Morgan, Fast Food Attendant, 20, WA 

  • Sarah Tilleke, 22, Model, WA 
  • Locklan Gilbert, 27, Adventure Guide, WA 
  • Jarrad Seng, 29, Photographer, WA 
  • Mark Wales, 37, Former Special Ops Commander, WA
  • Kent Nelson, Chief Financial Officer, 51, SA 
  • Henry Nicholson, Labourer, 26, SA 
  • Aaron “AK” Knight, Wedding DJ, 29, SA 
  • Odette Blacklock, Podiatrist, 32, NSW 
  • Nicola “Ziggy” Zagame, Olympian, 26, NSW 
  • Michelle Dougan, Nanny, 33, NSW 
  • Jacqui Patterson, Wedding Celebrant, 50, NSW 
  • Joan Caballero, 29, Small Business Owner, NSW 
  • Peter Conte, 22, Digital Advertising Producer, NSW 
  • Tessa O’Halloran, Doctor, 29, VIC 
  • Kate Temby, Financial Executive, 47, VIC 
  • Jericho Malabonga, Flight Attendant, 25, VIC 
  • Anneliese Wilson, Student, 23, VIC 

  • Samantha Gash, Endurance Athlete, 32, VIC 

  • Aimee Stanton, 23, Plumber, VIC 
  • Adam Parkin, International Poker Player, 40, QLD 

  • Tara Pitt, Barrel Racer, 32, QLD 

  • Mark Herlaar, 51, Lime Farmer, QLD 


Who’s excited for this year’s season?

Who do YOU think will win?