The Drama On 'Love Island Australia' Has Officially Kicked Off Thanks To This Guy

Meet Grant, a loser.

The Drama On 'Love Island Australia' Has Officially Kicked Off Thanks To This Guy 9GO

Why do bad things always happen to nice people? According to this guy, it's because they're apparently so easy to manipulate.

We're three episodes into Love Island Australia and the drama we've all been waiting for has finally begun.

From day dot, Grant and Cassidy (a true angel), have been a couple on the show.


Cassidy is beloved by viewers, mainly because she seems to be the least narcissistic person on the island right now.

So, she's been seeing Grant, who told Cassidy that her feelings for him were reciprocated, cool cool.

Then, Tayla started to think that she was catching feelings for Grant and wanted to let him know, not to cause Cassidy any pain, but just to let him know.


So, she told him that she liked him, but also said that if he was happy with Cassidy, she'd back off and it wouldn't be a big deal.

But then it turned into a big deal, of course!

Cassidy became threatened when she found out about Tayla's chat with Grant, but he said nothing was going to happen, which was a flat out lie!

Because from then on, Grant started telling Tayla that he liked her, wanted to kiss her AND when Cassidy questioned why he was spending so much time with another girl, he said nothing was going on!



He continued playing with Tayla and said “I want to kiss you so bad” and when Cassidy found out, he denied it again but hey, we all saw it!

Eventually, both women realised what was happening and ended up in tears because they felt used and played.


Now, everyone's hoping this show's new villain will be kicked out of the villa tonight, but we'll see if that actually happens...

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