The Cheating Scandal Finally Came Out On MAFS Tonight!

'I didn’t think it was wrong'

The Cheating Scandal Finally Came Out On MAFS Tonight! Channel Nine

Tonight, Married At First Sight viewers tuned into the show’s second commitment ceremony, where ‘social experiment’ participants revealed their desire to ‘STAY’ in their couples or ‘LEAVE’... drama ensued.  

As we learnt last week, if one person writes they want to stay before discovering their partner wants to leave, both people must stay together on the show for another week, and thus continue to gain Instagram followers.

As expected, Sarah & Telv, Nasser & Gab, Sean & Blair, John & Melissa and Patrick & Charlene all stayed together, as well as Troy & Ashley.

In what was no shock to viewers, Jo & Sean both finally called it quits, while Carly asked to leave, but partner Justin wrote that he wanted to stay, and so, the two will continue on for another week.

Okay blah blah blah, LET’S GET TO THE GOOD STUFF!

At the beginning of the episode, we saw Davina write down ‘LEAVE’ on her decision card, telling the cameras: “The decision is made, Dean and I are going to be together.”

But hold that shady thought Davina, Dean may have changed his mind!

Yes, as we cut across to Dean, it turns out he’s suddenly decided he has felt something with Tracey, sleeping with her after the same dinner party where he snuck off with Davina .

“Someone’s gonna get hurt,” he predicts.

Fast forward to the ceremony and Dean drops the bombshell that he DOES want to stay with Tracey, revealing to her the truth about his secret meeting with Davina and attempting to win her back by unveiling a new wedding ring he bought for her since the current one didn’t fit*.

Davina was quick to jump in after finding out he had slept with Tracey last night and joined in on the attack on Dean. Take a look:


“I expect my man to have my back. I can’t decide on the spot right now. We need to go away and have some conversations just us two,”
Tracey said before she and Dean were allowed to leave the room to talk it out due to the “highly unusual situation”.


on the other hand, wasn’t offered the same option as Tracey and instead had to stay with Davina because he had already written ‘STAY’ on his card!

“He honestly made me feel safe and comfortable and happy… I didn’t think what we were doing was wrong” - Davina literally uttered these words about Dean in front of everyone. 


THEN, returning from their talk, Tracey went and threw another spanner in the works and decided she wanted to STAY WITH DEAN!

“The matter of fact is, we got to the point where we both felt it… I’m willing to give it another week. I can’t deny what I feel.”


Yes, both couples now remain in the experiment and will move on to Family Visit Week… against Ryan’s will. He didn’t get a choice, of course. 

Nasser was very angry. 


*Why would the producers not measure their ring sizes?

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