The Cast Of 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch' Reunited Last Night & It Was Magical!

OMG Harvey!

The Cast Of 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch' Reunited Last Night & It Was Magical! Viacom Productions

It's been a VERY long time since we've seen Sabrina Spellman and her aunts Hilda and Zelda together arguing with Salem, probably the sassiest cat on the planet!

The show left our TV screens back in 2003 and now that we know a darker reboot is on the way, we've been rewatching a lot of our favourite episodes to prepare.

Last night though, something magical happened!


The cast of Sabrina The Teenage Witch reunited at a panel event in Los Angeles and for some of the cast, this was the first time that they had even met!

Melissa Joan Hart, who played Sabrina in the series, was joined by Nate Richert (Harvey), Caroline Rhea (Hilda), Beth Broderick (Zelda), Soleil Moon Frye (Roxie), David Lascher (Josh), Elisa Donavon (Morgan), Alimi Ballard (Quizmaster Albert) and Nick Bakay (Salem) and the Instagram shots are gold!


This was the cast's first reunion in 20 years and fans asked them what they thought their characters would be up to now because when this kind of opportunity arises, you have to take it!

Nate said that he thought Sabrina and Harvey would be married by now and have a teenaged kid of their own who, no doubt, would be about to learn of their own magical abilities.


Melissa also said that they would have "probably started our own, like, Hogwarts."

"Started our own little witch school, maybe foster some children that are part mortal, part witch, and [teach them] how to navigate that world."

How sweet!

Beth said that she thought Zelda would be "driving an Uber in the other realm", which feels like a huge waste of her intelligence and Caroline said that sadly, Hilda probably still lives with Salem.

"I think it's so sad; I think I probably live with Salem alone somewhere and pine for Drell."



Nick agreed and said that Salem most likely "is still consigned to being a cat for trying to take over the world.

"I think he's into Soduku. I think he's into role playing, the whole thing."

Now that sounds a little more optimistic!


Melissa told fans that they won't be involved with the new Sabrina series that is currently being made but hey, we can still watch old episodes and reminisce about a funnier time where sassy cats were, well, the cat's pyjamas!