The Best Actors Who Moved Between Summer Bay & Ramsay Street

Good Neighbours get closer each day...

The Best Actors Who Moved Between Summer Bay & Ramsay Street

Image: Network Ten/Channel Seven

You love Neighbours and you love Home And Away, but did you know that some of your favourite actors were on both shows?

Australia's two most popular soaps have shared quite a few faces over the years.

Earlier today, Blair McDonough, who played Stuart Parker on Neighbours back in the early 00's, accidentally revealed that he'll be popping up in Summer Bay soon.


This got us wondering who else has moved between Ramsay Street and the beachside town over the years.

Turns out, lots of actors have but we've chosen our favourites to refresh your memory.

Guy Pearce (Neighbours 1986 - 1989, Home and Away 1991-1992)

Image: Network Ten

Before blowing everyone away over in Hollywood, Guy Pearce cut his teeth as Mike Young on Neighbours before jumping ship and becoming David Croft on Home and Away

He spent a lot more time on Ramsay Street than in Summer Bay, he even attended Scott and Charlene's wedding!

But it looks like the move definitely paid off!

Chris Hemsworth (Neighbours 2002, Home and Away 2004-2007)

Image: Channel Seven

Bet this one shocked you!

Good ol' Kim Hyde actually appeared on Neighbours first as Jamie Kane way back in 2002.

He was only on Ramsay Street for one episode but it still counts.

These days he's too busy protecting Asgard to pop in for a visit, though.

Bob Morley (Home and Away 2006-2008, Neighbours 2011-2013)

Image: Channel Seven

Yep, even Drew Curtis decided to see what life was like on Ramsay Street.

After winning us over in Summer Bay, Bob headed over to Neighbours and became Aiden Foster.

We definitely didn't expect this move when it happened but hey, least we were able to see more of him on our TV screens.

Who could argue with that?!

Lincoln Lewis (Home and Away 2007 - 2010, Neighbours 2012)

Image: Channel Seven

Here's a more recent one for you!

Lincoln Lewis, son of rugby legend Wally Lewis, first showed us his acting skill as Geoff Campbell in Summer Bay before moving to Ramsay Street and becoming Dominic Emmerson.

He nailed both roles and has become an Aussie superstar because of them.

Now let's see how Blair goes...