The Bachelor's Jen Unleashes On Matty J, Tara, Lisa And Steph

She does not hold back.

The Bachelor's Jen Unleashes On Matty J, Tara, Lisa And Steph Network Ten

If you thought Jen was outspoken before, wait til you hear what she says about Steph!

The “nasty one” of this season of The Bachelor, Jen controversially walked from the mansion on last nights’ show, but not before ruffling a few feathers by throwing contestant Lisa under the bus.

Jen’s obviously not mended any bridges since leaving the show, as she went in on several of the contestants this morning with Amos, Cat & Angus on hit107, but none more so than eliminated contestant Steph, saying she never wants to see her ever again!

“Steph is a nobody! She’s a filler!” Jen told Amos, Cat & Angus.

Despite not having strong feelings for Matty herself, she outed several of the contestants as being there for personal gain, namely good mates Tara and Lisa.

“Tara wants to end up on Play School, and Lisa is about her modelling career," Jen said.

It wasn’t just the contestants she attacked, with the Bachelor himself copping a spray. When asked to describe him, Jen replied with “Vanilla, dull, egotistical”

She criticised the editing on The Bachelor, saying that the fight between her and Elise actually lasted for 15-20 minutes. Jen also wasn’t happy that the one person that defended her, Florence had been cut out of the show. Jen revealed that Florence had stood up for her, confirming that Lisa had said those controversial comments about Matty J.

Jen slammed suggestions that she was perceived by the nation as fake, saying “It’s so funny that people actually think I’m the fake one”.

Have a listen to the full chat below.