'The Bachelor' Seems To Have Gotten Rid Of A Major Rule This Season

Have you noticed?

'The Bachelor' Seems To Have Gotten Rid Of A Major Rule This Season

Image: Network Ten

We're in love with The Bachelor so, of course, we want to get to know Matty J's ladies a bit more.

Usually, this would be quite hard because one of the major rules on The Bachelor AND The Bachelorette is that the contestants must make their social media accounts private before the show airs.


Last year Rhys Chilton, one of the men who tried to win over Georgia Love, ended up getting in trouble when he posted some modelling shots on Instagram.

He did it whilst he was still on the show, which is a big no-no.

If he did it this year though, it looks like it wouldn't have mattered!

All of the bachelorettes this year STILL have their Instagram accounts set to public, which means we can see what they were up to before they were on The Bachelor quite easily!


So why the change?

Presumably, it's because everyone's addicted to the 'gram these days and making the girls switch their accounts to private would be just plain evil.

Every one of them seems to be posting photos of themselves on the show and why wouldn't they?

They all look gorgeous!


But perhaps the rule hasn't been ditched altogether, it may have just been altered.

Every bachelorette who is still on the show seems to only be posting photos of themselves on the show.

No selfies, no cool food shots... just The Bachelor.


Coincidence... we think not!

Have you guys noticed anything else about this year's show?

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