The Bachelor’s Tara’s Mum Was An 80s Aussie Star

Do YOU remember her?

The Bachelor’s Tara’s Mum Was An 80s Aussie Star

Image Credit: Channel Ten / TV Week. 

We’re all going bonkers over yet another season of The Bachelor, and all the DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA it delivers us daily. 

One of the Bachelorettes on this season is Tara Pavolvic, but it turns out that Tara isn’t the first in her family to dabble in TV. 


It turns out that her mum was actually a familiar face on our TV screens back in the 80s!

Tara spoke to Woman’s Day to reveal that her mum is former Perfect Match host and Bond girl Debbie Newsome

Tara said that, “Growing up I didn’t think she was different to any other mothers.

“Maybe a little bit more out there because she’s an entertainer – she’s loud, fun and super cool."

Tara admitted to definitely having her mum’s bubbly personality, and we bet that charm will help her make Matty J swoon!


Who do YOU want to win Matty’s heart on this season of The Bachelor?

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