The Bachelor’s Sian Has Spoken Out After *That* Episode

She didn't hold back!

The Bachelor’s Sian Has Spoken Out After *That* Episode Channel 10

The Bachelor's Sian has told all after that episode aired, and it's safe to say, she wasn't too happy with how the night panned out. 

Opening up to Woman's Day, Sian explained that the night was set up for failure from the get go, after the gown she was promised to wear to the cocktail party was given to Florence over her. 

"I wasn't upset at Flo," she explained. "But I was annoyed that the stylist had lied to me.

"It pretty much went downhill after that, then Nat accidentally spilt red wine on my outfit, my makeup got ruined from crying and my eyelashes were coming off."


While the 24-year-old admitted that the alcohol didn't help the situation, she said she only needed a second to gather her thoughts, however, wasn't given the time to herself. 

"I needed them to give me some time off camera and they refused..."

Sian, who was followed through the mansion by a camera said that they "took it too far." 

However, the ex-Bachelor contestant went on to reveal her main issue of the night: the producers.

As we saw on Wednesday night's episode, Sian was convinced to stay by producers, only to have Matty refuse to give her a rose later that night. 

"My issues were mainly to do with production, I'm not an idiot and I realised what was happening and I didn't want to be a part of it anymore," she said. 

Sian also said she was disappointed with how she was portrayed throughout her time on the show. 

"I was annoyed that I've been associated as a villain when I'm not," she finished. 

The tatted up bombshell has since taken to Instagram, posting a photo taken from that night with the caption, "Yeah look good times good times..."



All the best in the future, Sian. You will be missed!